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Investigator Databank Overview

The Investigator Databank is a global collaboration between pharmaceutical companies that aims to reduce administrative burden for investigators and to increase visibility of qualified investigators to research sponsors. Hosted by a 3rd party, DrugDev, the Investigator Databank is the one place where pharmaceutical companies can share investigator and site information and investigators can view, edit, and comment on their own information.

Current members of the Investigator Databank include:

AbbVie, Allergan, Amgen, AstraZeneca, BMS, Janssen, Lilly, Merck & Co, Novartis, Pfizer, Regeneron, Roche and UCB.

How does the Investigator Databank work?

Industry members share information from their clinical trial management systems including investigator/site contact details, GCP training records, past trial participation, and recruitment history. Upon investigator opt-in, this information is used by each participating company to identify sites for upcoming studies; to help set recruitment targets and timelines; and to share start-up information such as GCP training, CV details and and facility information. Typical information that you routinely share with sponsors about trial site infrastructure, GCP training records, past trial participation, and enrolment will be included in the Investigator Databank. No patient-level data are shared.

Who is in the Investigator Databank?

Geographic location of participating investigators:
Europe 40%
North America 36%
AsiaPac 17%
Africa 1%
Therapeutic focus of participating investigators*:
Cardiovascular 31%
Neoplasms 28%
Immune system 27%
Endocrine System 22%
Skin and Connective Tissue 22%
Respiratory 21%
Metabolic Diseases 21%
Nervous System Diseases 20%
Female Urogenital Diseases 18%
Male Urogenital Diseases 17%
Digestive System 17%
Musculoskeletal 16%
Hemic and Lymphatic Diseases 15%
Bacterial Infections 11%
Mental Disorders 10%
Virus Diseases 9%
Congenital, Hereditary and Neonatal 6%
Eye Diseases 3%

All others 1% or less

* Investigators may have more than one therapy area of focus

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I am very excited and happy with this news. For a long time I have claimed and written, while filling feasibilities, about the loss of my time. I believe the steps taken as enumerated would help all the stake holders in the drug development.

Investigator, Brazil

Am I in the Records of a Member Company or DrugDev?

Become a part of the Investigator Databank to decrease your administrative burden on study start-up; increase your visibility to more industry sponsors for study opportunities; and view, edit, and comment on your information stored in participating company clinical trial management systems.

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